About Us

We bring businesses into the digital future!

We are designers, technologists, and strategists who are passionate about establishing meaningful interactions between people through best-in-class digital solutions; driven by creativity and empathy for those whose lives will be impacted by the solutions. This user-centric approach helps companies create meaningful relationships with customers and is the touchstone for how we transform businesses..

We are a tribe

VOLI was founded with the idea of creating a great company for amazing people that wants to accomplish great things together while having fun doing it.

At VOLI, we value a vibrant environment where our members bring passion for their craft, inspire each other to grow and reach new heights, develop new solutions and generate novel ideas, and always look out for each other.

Simply put: We believe VOLI should be more than just a regular job; it should be a fulfilling experience in your life.

We are guided by values

We believe that our values make us better both personally and professionally and therefore it drives everything we do at VOLI; our vision, the way we create enduring value for our clients and support each member of our tribe.

Be driven for growth

You should have a natural desire to grow both personally and professionally. Therefore seek to have REAL conversations around the feedback you share with other members of the tribe.

Be curious and always see the potential in everyone and everything

You should be curious about your surroundings and open to different viewpoints, as we believe this can unlock hidden potential in yourself, clients and other members of our tribe.

Be an owner

Members of the tribe should feel empowered. We encourage everyone to always take initiative when they see an opportunity to make things better either for our clients or the tribe. We are all accountable for the success of the work we do and to not be afraid to make mistakes.

Be a challenger of the status-quo

Everyone has a voice, and everyone is expected to challenge the status-quo. Be ready to challenge with thoughtful arguments and be able to switch perspective when a more meaningful argument is presented.

Be a giver, not a taker

Trust is essential for any successful relationship between people. Be generous with your ideas, show appreciation and recognition of other people’s efforts, and be willing to own your part.

Be you!

Bring your authentic self to work. Acknowledge who you are and who you are not.