Bringing digital dreams to life

Reimagining your business for the digital economy requires thinking differently about every aspect of your internal operation, customers, competition, data, innovation and value proposition. We use a wide range of strategic tools and methods to help organisations succeed in the digital economy by searching for untapped opportunities internally and externally. We ideate and validate strategic options and build digital products that integrates into the existing business or create new digital ventures.

Services we offer:
  • Design sprints & prototyping of new digital solutions
  • Create new standalone ventures
  • Teach organisations how to think like designers
  • Front-end engineering & platform integration

The VOLI Design Approach

We believe that customers and users should be at the center of everything we do. Using our data-driven design methodology we collaborate closely with our client’s users or customers to understand their real needs. This is done through an iterative process where ideas are refined into digital solutions that creates meaning and value for everyone.

Uncover real user needs from where insights and new opportunities can be extracted
Use insights to ideate and prioritise options according to the impact on user needs
Develop prototypes based on the prioritised list of options
Gather user feedback to validate hypothesis and effectiveness of the prototype and iterate

Collaborating and interdisciplinary team work

Problem solving is about getting all the right people in the same room. We put together an interdisciplinary team of professionals that collaborates closely with our clients in order to help them solve their user’s biggest challenges. Our teams apply the best methods from Design Strategy, Agile Development, Lean Start-up methods and UX/UI design methodologies

Project leader
Project leaders coordinates all activities and ensure that everyone involved is focused and moving toward the shared aspiration
Venture strategist
Strategists develop insights about users and customers that sets direction for the ideation of strategic options and validation and implementation of new services and products
Designers bring together user needs to generate sketches, wireframes, digital prototypes that will create meaningful value for users and businesses
Technologists ensures that digital ideas can be brought to life. This involves everything from frontend development to integrating solutions with digital platforms