We developed VOLI work to give you the possibility for one-click time tracking and scanning expenses on the go. With our app you can add and edit your time to ensure that every second is accounted for.
You are also able to keep tabs on your expenses and scan them as you go.

VOLI work allows you to easily register and track time. You can choose to either log past time spend on a client, or you can simply press start and let VOLI work do the tracking for you. The registrations are logged as entries and afterwards you can add the job number and task to make sure the time is attached to the respective client. All the logged data from VOLI work is mirrored to Maconomy, where you can continue to work the data additionally.

The app starts to generate suggestions based on your previous time tracking habits, so the more you use it the better it gets.

VOLI work is created to be easy, intuitive, safe, while providing you with an overview to ensure that you can account for what you are using your clients time on.