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Drive sales and relations through a user-friendly interface for Maconomy. The goal is to remove obstacles and present valuable client insights in the pocket of every employee.

A Powerful Tool

VOLI work is a powerful tool that helps professional service firms manage their time and resources more effectively. Keep track of your time, mileage, expenses and CRM directly from your phone. The app is connected to Maconomy. With an easy-to-use, intuitive, and safe design, VOLI Work provides users with a comprehensive overview from a pocket-size user-interface.

The key features of VOLI Work

VOLI Work is designed for Professional Services. Drive relation building and keep track of your contact points and tasks all in one. In VOLI Work you can set the desired contact frequency for each contact, and will receive reminders to reach out, ensuring engagement and driving relation building; Create and edit Contacts, Clients, Events and Opportunities.
Be served with an overview and easy access to updating opportunities and adding tasks or events, to each sales process. Allowing you to maintain data from your pocket and ensure a good process and better data.

VOLI Work provides you with an overview of expenses and a scan or upload function, allowing you to make registrations directly in the app, allocating costs to projects and tasks. Making it easier for you to stay on top of your expenses as you go.

Add and edit time on-the-go with VOLI Work. Enter time manually, or use the timer function to make sure your efforts are accounted for. The registration is logged as an entry, and afterwards you are able to add the job number and task attaching the time to the concerning client and project.

Keep track of your mileage with VOLI Work. You are able to register entries directly in the app. Get an overview, edit, and add your drives, allocating them to the concerning job number or project name.