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Ensuring your data is up-to-date is key to being truly data driven.
VOLI Data provides you with a smooth process to obtaining an overview of, and increase, your data quality.

The story of VOLI Data

Having clean and accurate data is essential for any business, as it forms the foundation upon which accurate analysis and optimization can be performed. One of the most critical types of data for any business is client master data, which includes information about customers, clients, and other key stakeholders. In today's fast-paced and rapidly changing business environment, maintaining high data quality is more important than ever. This was a crucial concern for one of our clients, who wanted to get a better understanding of their data quality and find ways to improve it.

To address this need, we developed an application called VOLI Data. This application streamlines the process of maintaining high-quality client and vendor data and allows for continuous updates. By using VOLI Data, our client was able to improve their data quality and gain a better understanding of their customers, which helped them to optimize their business processes and gain a competitive advantage.

VOLI Data has a built-in workflow for correcting and updating client and vendor data. The application searches in online registers and  provides you with notifications and suggestions for updating data directly in the system. VOLI Data is an add-on to the ERP system, Maconomy, and is created as a cloud solution and/or on-premise. When changes are made or accepted in the application it is automatically updated in Maconomy.

VOLI Data gives you continuous updated client and vendor data. We currently cover data from Denmark, Norway, UK, Finland. If you have an account with BvD-Moody’s, it is posssible to acces the entire world. Should you have a different need, we can add other sources on a consulting basis.