In the crossing of data and digital processes

Interview with Mie Brix Balle

We talked with Mie about her decision to join VOLI, and how and why digital processes and data has always caught her interest. We asked Mie about her career and the choices she made along the way - from starting as an auditor to being a financial controller and consultant at Accura, and now as CFO at VOLI.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Originally, I started my career as an auditor and had a couple of years of exploration where I had a look into the world of statistics and programming. However, I took a few more years as an auditor before I moved on to be an in-house financial controller in the consulting business with Accura. During my time as a finance controller, my position developed from a classic finance role into the role of business controller, with a focus on the processes and software to support the finance department. This included implementing a new ERP system (Maconomy) and several upgrades afterward, counting constructing processes across the administration, with the finance department and ERP as the center. Over the years, as the company expanded and legislation demanded more complex and subtle processes and software, for not only finance but also compliance, and the business in general, the need for proper data and transparent data structure was present, I established a unit for data and processes. Today data and processes for handling data is more relevant than ever – just as well as time effective and time optimized processes has been for a long time. And that’s where programming and software becomes a tool.

What are your interests and areas of expertise?

From early on software and data has caught my interest and somehow, I always ended up in positions where the digital processes and data intersected in the business. My angle is clearly to operationalize processes to which the users can comply – that is a key factor in order to succeed.
I work from the theory of “first principles” – things do not need to be complicated; you just need to figure out the core requirements for succeeding in the request.
With my interest in software and data, and my background in audit/finance, I work very well in the intersection of IT, finance, business and compliance. This is where I feel like “a fish in the water”.
I have been working hands-on with RPA, Excel, VBA, Power (Query, BI,Pivot) and ERP-systems (Navision, Maconomy, Advosys among others) – The link being SQL/relational databases.

What made you join VOLI?

VOLI creates the tools to meet the requests for effective processes and proper data handling. That is what I have been doing for more than a decade at a single company – now it was time to make more companies benefit from my experiences.I have worked closely with VOLI and Mads for several years, and I know that this is a place where the strategy meets the everyday work. Both in terms of the people perspective and the work. VOLI's way of solving an assignment meets my way of working – by making ideas fly.

You are joining VOLI as CFO – Tell us about your role and what you are looking forward to adding to the company?

Yes, in the role as CFO, I will take responsibility for all the internal financial affairs.  My prime goal is to make all the processes in the finance department as digital and effective as possible so we, ourselves, can excel in the digital products available to our customers. It should be a win for VOLI’s employees and VOLI’s customers.

Furthermore, I look forward to adding even more positive energy to the tribe.