Digital optimization supporting organic business growth

Interview - Martin Lønsmann from Envidan

We had a conversation with IT specialist for business systems & digitization from Envidan A/S, Martin Lønsmann, about digitization and optimization. Among other things, Envidan faced an internal restructuring of the business which led to changes to the ERP-system, Maconomy. VOLI joined the process as an advisory partner and together we quickly and efficiently created the needed changes.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Martin Lønsmann and I have worked for the past six months as an ERP specialist and Digitization Manager at Envidan. There are primarily two areas of focus: You naturally have to be good at Maconomy, which is the ERP system that the business uses and thrives off. These are different usage scenarios: From support to developing the ERP system. Furthermore, I also wear the digitization hat, which includes that I look into automations in the form of RPA, Robotic Process  Automation. I also look at Business Intelligence and databases, and help create new reports.

What is the significance of digitalization for Envidan?

We primarily see digitalization from a digitization perspective. As we are a company that grows primarily through organic growth, we also want to automate and optimize our business so that we continue to maintain efficiency through tools such as RPA in our administration and our internal processes.

What are the story of your relationship with VOLI?

I know VOLI from the past and have helped get VOLI into Envidan. It started when I joined Envidan in March 2022 and there we had the partner Deltek, who delivers the Maconomy solution. I had really good experiences with VOLI. They were flexible and nice to work with and delivered some strong solutions. I suggested that we took them in as an external partner for our ERP solution and it was actually only a few months after my employment that they came onboard as an external partner at Envidan. Meaning that they are one of the suppliers we use for Maconomy support.

What were the challenges you faced, and why chose VOLI?

First of all, VOLI is cheaper than other Maconomy specialists, so in that we already had the first gain. This means that we could quickly see some return of investment in using them. VOLI is a company with a flexibility which means that we can reach out daily and have personal contact with especially Mads and Thomas. This is something I value a lot. With VOLI I get the security through the contact and the solution.  

Can you give an example of a specific problem that VOLI has helped you with? How did we come up with a solution?

Overall, we have gone through a phase where we have made a minor restructuring of the business. The restructuring has of course led to some changes in our ERP system. There were some decisions that were made and quickly had to be executed. VOLI joined as a sparring partner and helped set up our division structure, and advised us on how we could benefit from getting correct data and good quality going forward. So our problem was restructuring; The solution was that VOLI quickly and efficiently came in and was an advisory partner and helped us change it. That was one of the major tasks. There are also the very practical things where we work with electronic invoicing for our customers. Errors can occur on a daily or monthly basis, where we quickly reach out and get help from VOLI in the electronic set-up located there. Typically on a weekly basis, we reach the goal of our urgent tasks, which is what I would characterize as quick task solving process. One can take a concrete example of a collaboration with the newer VAT format, SAF-T, which is being rolled out throughout Europe. It is something that the entire ERP system has to handle, and which it cannot handle, currently. It in these cases, you can use VOLI as a sparring partner and get advice on what are the solutions and what is the budget for it? It can be one type of task; where challenges arise on the basis of EU regulations and laws. Another example could be that something simply crashes on a daily basis. It may be a project that is wrong in terms of income and then you need help to correct this revenue recognition and change it. So there are many facets; it is an ERP system that contains many niches, and therefore many problems can arise.  

How is the collaboration with VOLI?

The collaboration with VOLI is pleasant, kind and not least professional. You could call it ‘friendly professionalism’. This is expressed by VOLI, as a collaborating partner, competently delivers flexible solutions with a high level of expertise, while keeping a good tone. I enjoy working with them (VOLI) because there is room for mutual trust and flexibility – This can only occur when the correct solutions are delivered continuously. I experience this in my everyday life, both when it comes to urgent operational issues and when we spar about new functionalities and integrations.

Where has the collaboration with VOLI created the greatest value for you?

This has been done through an optimization value, which means that the end users that I support, where I am the middle manager between VOLI and them, get a faster response and a faster solution to problems and challenges. So based on our collaboration with VOLI, it contributes to happier end users in the company.

Would you recommend VOLI to others and if so, what would you say about us?

If you want to solve your Maconomy, ERP problems quickly, efficiently, and in the future also profitably, then this is the way to go - through VOLI.

Thank you to Martin for sharing his insights!