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Learn about the different work areas at VOLI


As a developer at VOLI, you work with optimizing business processes and workflows, while being in close contact with clients. Your main goal is to ensure value creation. You get a lot of responsibility from day one, making sure you play an active role in an agile environment. We work with different program languages such as Python, C#, Java, Dart, and JavaScript. The frameworks and tools we use are mainly DotNet, Maconomy, Flutter, PowerApps and Angular.

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Business Consultant

As a business consultant at VOLI you work with solving business problems using different technologies, including Maconomy and other VOLI tools. You analyze and understand business and technical requirements, and work with clients across different domains and industries. As a business consultant you are the gateway between the end user and development. You interact with our clients to deliver high quality digital solutions, helping them optimize their business process.

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As an UX/ UI designer at VOLI you work primarily with pretotyping, wireframe design and app design for both our in-house app developements, but you also work with our clients on different projects.

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As part of the VOLI marketing team you work in a small dynamic team. The team deals with multiple aspects of the business, such as communications, marketing and sales, visuals etc. The team's task is to make sure that VOLI has an overall clear communicative alignment and visual identity that is reflected in the outgoing communication and marketing. Primarily, we work with marketing through strategic communication and growth hacking.

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